Explore Ubud Rice Fields and Enjoy The Most Panoramic Views!

When it comes to visit Bali, the heaven on earth, everyone cannot ignore to go to Ubud which is popularly known for its rice fields. Though most parts of Bali have rice fields stretching from to an area to another, Ubud rice fields prove to impressive than the others. In fact, the views are stunning along with the maze of green.

While you want to go to Ubud on your holiday plan, here are some details of Ubud rice fields that consist of greenery packages.

The Sari Organic Walk

The Sari Organic Walk offers beautiful rice fields without going far away. As the name suggests, you need only to walk away to palm tree lined roads, farms, art workshops and restaurants.

The Sari Organic Walk can be a perfect place to have breakfast while you can also enjoy the wonderful rice fields. However, the best time to enjoy Sari Organic Walk is in the early morning before the sun spreads its hottest shine.

The trail along the Sari Organic Walk needs totally two hours by passing through the main roads at the pyramid of Chi. Walking 3km will take around 30 to 45 minutes. However, it depends on how often you stop to take a rest.

The Penestanan Rice Field Walk

The Penestanan rice field walk will take you into a surprise. Penestanan rice fields provide the best way of exploring the trail by yourself. Just go through the narrow alley and see the incredible views with the sun rising and cool breeze. So you will be warmly welcomed by the soft golden light once you arrive at the rice fields.

If you have a camera with you, then it would be better to catch the clear sunrise among the rice fields, Mount Batur and palm trees. And the best time to visit this rice field is during the sun rising and setting.

The Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Other part of Ubud rice fields is the Tegalalang rice terrace. You can take only a half of an hour to reach this area in the North of Ubud. On Instagram, there have been hundreds of Tegalalang rice terraces photos you may see before you go for real.

In fact, the real green land is presented by this place. The amazing views can catch everyone’s attention through the rice paddies with the trails along the lush palm trees and small rivers. There are dozens of caffes you can stop by any time you are tired and need a few minutes to take a rest. All in all, you will have a very unforgettable moment if you visit Ubud rice fields. As Bali is the island of Gods, Ubud offers the most panoramic views for Bali’s rice fields.

eBikes – Ubud Rice Fields

Visit Ubud rice fields and find the cycling tours lead by the local guides at the villages. They will show you the most beautiful and eye-catching spots. They will also let you to involved with the villagers to know more about the local people culture through the Ubud “Green Belt”, reaching Tegalalang Rice terraces. In this way, Tegalalang rice fields have been claimed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The electric bicycles are available to rent at eBikes. Hence you can easily go along the trails and enjoy Ubud rice fields. Get the eBook soon at eBikes then.

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